Education & Training

Education & Training

Helping develop the learning health system leaders of the future

Accelerating health care transformation requires a workforce with the ability to generate meaningful research questions, systematically gather and interpret data, incorporate patient experience, and use evidence-based methods to create sustained change. That’s why the ACT Center is helping train and educate the next generation of researchers and clinician leaders.

CATALyST-email-banner_2col.jpgCATALyST: Practical training in learning health system science

The CATALyST K12 Learning Health System Scholar Program is led by the ACT Center’s Paula Lozano and her colleague at Kaiser Permanente Washington Health Research Institute (KPWRHI), James Ralston. (CATALyST stands for Consortium for Applied Training to Advance the Learning health system with Scholars/Trainees.)

This 2- to 3-year mentored training program affords early-stage scientists the opportunity to gain expertise in learning health system competencies and patient-centered outcomes methodology. Scholars conduct embedded research in partnership with clinical leaders. 

Based at KPWHRI, CATALyST is a consortium that brings together four Washington state health research centers with expertise in learning health systems: Kaiser Permanente Washington, the University of Washington, the Veterans Affairs Puget Sound Health Care System, and the Washington State University College of Medicine. CATALyST is one of 11 U.S. Learning Health Systems Centers of Excellence funded by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality and the Patient Centered Outcomes Research Institute. Several CATALyST scholars have partnered with the ACT Center and have contributed to our work within Kaiser Permanente Washington. 

By supporting the careers of scientists who will become future leaders of learning health system research, CATALyST aims to accelerate improvements in quality, safety, equity, affordability, and patient experience across health systems.

Supporting family practice residents in conducting quality improvement 

The ACT Center partners with the Kaiser Permanente Washington Family Medicine Residency Program to enrich the training experience for residents with a special interest in quality improvement. We provide mentorship, technical assistance, and resources for applied projects focused on quality improvement and care delivery innovation conducted by residents as part of their training. In our inaugural project, a third-year resident, Justin Fu, explored approaches to reducing racial disparities in colorectal cancer screening through tailored outreach. We’re excited about growing our partnership with the residency program and equipping future clinical leaders with this important skill set — and we're grateful to the Miller Endowment for the resources that make this partnership possible.

Featured publications

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