Our Team

Meet the scientists, physicians, and other experts that bring the ACT Center's work to life.

Our Team

Meet the scientists, physicians, and other experts who bring the ACT Center's work to life

In addition to the core team that leads the ACT Center's strategic direction and daily operations, our partners and valued team members include dozens of colleagues from across Kaiser Permanente Washington Health Research Institute (KPWHRI).

Our core team


Claire Allen, MPH

Collaborative Science Manager

Claire has experience in implementation science in research settings and in quality improvement in health care. Her work with the ACT Center aims to rapidly implement research evidence into clinical practice. She manages a team who design and implement projects in a variety of topic areas for the ACT Center.

View Claire's faculty bio  on the research institute’s website. 


Kathleen Barnes, MD, MPH

Physician Consultant

A graduate of Harvard Medical School and Harvard School of Public Health, Kathleen has longitudinal experience consulting on the design and implementation of optimal primary care delivery practices in diverse health systems. Within the ACT center, she consults on the Integrated Pain Management and Universal Social Needs Screening projects.

View Kathleen’s physician profile  on Kaiser Permanente Washington’s website. 


Sunday Brush

Research Support Specialist

Sunday helps lead the ACT Center’s work to engage patient partners and coordinates patient communications for our Integrated Pain Management Program. She also contributes to the ACT Center’s website, newsletter, and other internal and external communications.


Katie Coleman, MSPH

ACT Center Director

Previously the director of the MacColl Center for Health Care Innovation, Katie has nearly 2 decades of experience transforming care across diverse settings, including community health centers nationwide. She leads the ACT Center’s social health portfolio and is co-director of Kaiser Permanente’s Social Needs Network for Evaluation and Translation (SONNET).

View Katie’s faculty bio  on the research institute’s website. 


Robert Frazier


Leading from the side for more than 20 years, Robert has coordinated community benefit connections for Seattle-area leaders in hospitality, landscape conservation, and health care research. At the ACT Center, he leverages his lived experiences to provide unparalleled support and creative solutions in a variety of spaces, including social media.


Paula Lozano, MD, MPH

ACT Center Director

KP Washington Medical Director for Research & Translation

Drawing on her decades as a pediatrician, researcher, and educator, Paula builds bridges between researchers and clinical care teams at Kaiser Permanente Washington. She leads the ACT Center’s pain and opioids portfolio, trains and mentors learning health system scientists through the CATALyST K12 program, and fosters partnerships across enterprise silos.

View Paula’s faculty bio  on the research institute’s website. 


Jess Mogk, MPH

Collaborative Scientist

Since 2015, Jess has been collaborating on multiple applied research projects at KPWHRI aimed at improving patient safety, reducing staff burnout, and addressing patient social needs. She contributes to the ACT Center as a practice coach, implementation scientist, qualitative researcher, and quality improvement professional.

View Jess's faculty bio  on the research institute’s website.


Jessica Ridpath

Communications Lead

Jessica has worked in health research communications for more than 20 years, specializing in plain language editing and tailoring messages for different audiences, including health care leaders, care teams, and patients. She leads the ACT Center’s external communications and the development of practical, user-friendly resources that help guide care transformation.


Kelsey Stefanik-Guizlo, MPH

Collaborative Scientist

Kelsey previously worked in nonprofit program management and has deep experience in patient engagement and program design and implementation. In the ACT Center, she partners with health care teams and patients to implement new programs, advance equity, and improve patient and staff experience.

View Kelsey's faculty bio  on the research institute’s website. 


Emily Westbrook, MHA

ACT Center Director

KPWHRI Director of Research Operations & Programs

Emily has been working in health care research for more than 20 years. She has extensive experience leading complex operations across a diverse range of projects and programs. She leads the ACT Center’s advanced analytics portfolio.

View Emily's leadership bio  on the research institute’s website. 

Featured project leads


David Arterburn, MD, MPH

Senior Investigator

David is a general internist and health services researcher who focuses on finding safe, effective, and non-stigmatizing ways to treat obesity. David leads advanced analytics projects, bringing together data scientists and care delivery leaders to improve clinical and operational decision-making at Kaiser Permanente Washington by designing and performing complex outcome analyses.

View David's faculty bio  on the research institute’s website.


Meagan Brown, PhD, MPH

Assistant Investigator

Meagan is a health equity and implementation science researcher whose work is rooted in intersectionality theory. She has extensive experience in designing, implementing, and evaluating interventions for chronic disease prevention across community-based and academic settings. Meagan leads the ACT Center’s social health portfolio.

View Meagan's faculty bio  on the research institute’s website.


Yates Coley, PhD

Associate Biostatistics Investigator

Yates is a biostatistician whose research focuses on developing and deploying prediction models that are accurate, actionable, and ethical. Yates leads predictive analytics work and directs biostatistical support for ACT Center projects. 

View Yates’s faculty bio  on the research institute’s website.


Gwen Lapham, PhD, MPH, MSW

Assistant Investigator

Gwen brings 15 years of experience in addictions health services research, with an emphasis on evidence-based substance use care in primary care. A graduate of the CATALyST Learning Health System Scholar Program, Gwen led an ACT-funded project to design and pilot integrated mental health care for teens in primary care.

View Gwen’s faculty bio  on the research institute’s website. 

ACT Center team members and partners at KPWHRI

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