Theory, Methods & Measures

Implementation science seeks to uncover the strategies and methods that lead to successful integration of interventions to guide implementation practice.

Theory, Methods & Measures

We are advancing the theory, methods, and measures that guide implementation science and practice

Interventions have long been the focus of research, but implementation science seeks to uncover the strategies and methods that lead to successful integration of effective interventions to guide implementation practice. To understand and optimize implementation, we need theoretical grounding, pragmatic methods, as well as reliable, valid, and actionable measures. 

ACT Center researchers are advancing the field of implementation science and optimizing implementation practice by:

  • Designing and testing implementation process models, theories of change, and evaluation frameworks
  • Partnering with health systems to evaluate implementation efforts as they happen
  • Studying the effectiveness of implementation strategies — and developing reliable and valid measures to do so
  • Developing methods for assessing context, including barriers and facilitators to change
  • Creating and testing strategies to achieve equity in implementation practice
  • Helping to ensure implementation methods and measures are efficient and relevant to daily clinical practice

Featured publications

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